I love to accessorize our dog; it's a way to express her personality. She has a lot of items to choose from. I have had a lot of people compliment the design of our bandanas. They are so easy to put on; you just slip right through the collar. The bows that go on the sell well for the dogs that don't like to have anything on them. You can put it on the back of the neck. Our leashes and collars are design with durability and style. I use only high quality fabric. Coming from a sewing background this is very important to the quality of the product I make.


New products!



Some of our designs.

Abby wearing her leash, collar, bandana and bow her mom got from That's Our Dog. How cute is she?!


Daisy with her bandanas on.

The flower added on to the collar or you could also attach it to the leash.


Cute and comfortable beds!